Linear Algebra Math3E

Lecturer: Tianyu Zhang (YMSC) Contact: Questions: Joining Piazza via the code: math3e Recommend Calculator: Lecture 1: Determinant and Matrix Intro Abstract: In this lecture we introduce the concept of determinant and how to use determinant to calculate a linear system. In particular, we introduced some algorithm in calculating the determinant. We also … Read more

Lecture Notes in Physics4A

Lecturer: Tianyu Zhang Additional Source: Lecture 1: Scale of Physics and Vector Space Abstract: We covered the materials in the first chapter. We also introduced the concept of vector space, the operations of vectors, both the vector addition, scalar multiplication inside the vector space; as well as the operations between vector spaces, for example, the … Read more

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Guide: Online access to Functional Analysis(I) is now available. One could visit by clicking here. There are some bugs not fixed yet, which includes but not only includes (i) click Tutorial at page Functional Analysis(I) will not direct to the expected page (ii) Some languages settings errors (iii) Downloading error. They will be fixed later. … Read more